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Bronde seems to be the latest trendy haircolor term - but what exactly is it? It isn't blonde - it isn't brunette - it's something in between. It's like a color hybrid that's similar to a sun - kissed chestnut brown. You're probably wondering what makes bronde, bronde? & not strawberry blonde, blonde with lowlights, or brown with hightlights, or some other variation? Well if you're arguing with your girlfriends over whether someone's hair is blonde or brunette then it's bronde. That's how I simplify it.

Bronde to me is the perfect autumn tone so now would be the perfect time to try it.

Blake Lively seems to be the poster child for bronde. For a ton more brondspiration - okay, okay - again I'm getting carried away with making up words - check out my 2015 Hair Color Inspiration board on pinterest - just follow the pinterest link right under this blog post or go to -.

Here's another bronde look I've done recently that I'm dying over - and I'm loving the lighter ends.

What do you think of bronde hair? Love it or just another trendy way to combine words?!

Cheers - Hal

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