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Ok ok - so when I first saw the #mbraid - otherwise know as the "man braid" - popping up all over the place my immediate reaction was skeptical - to say the least. I actually liked the man bun - wait - let's clarify - on the right person with the right kind of hair texture. Even though it was a look my finer, poker straight hair could not support. A really loose, textured bun on the right guy looks really cool - but a BRAID? is that crazy talk?!

Well I decided to give it a try & share the results in the spirit of Movember. And I got a very mixed response. As with the bun it's the kind of look that only works in certain scenarios. When we tried the look I was wearing a pretty dressy "work" outfit consisting of black pants, a button down shirt, and black monkstrap shoes. And it just didn't feel right. Some people liked it but most were pretty unsure. I slept on it - literally - & wore it to yoga the next morning & the 6 a.m. crew LOVED it. I showered but kept the braid in & at this point it was pretty loose & textured. This combined with a more relaxed outfit choice - camo pants, denim shirt, & black military like boots - made the braid feel right.

I'm not quite sure I would wear it on the regular but until I wore my hair back in a pony or braid I kind of didn't realize how much time I spent at hot yoga pushing my hair out of my face. It really does make a difference.

I'm all for everyone doing what they want? How do you all feel about the man braid? Yes, maybe so on the right person or a resounding NO!

Cheers - Hal


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