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Gone are the days where grooming is only for women. It was only a few years ago that if you were a man into the way you looked you were gay... or at best metrosexual. Does anyone even use the term metro anymore?! At this point it's pretty much completely societally acceptable for men to be into the way they look. From grooming body hair to the facial hair trend, the man bun, the fade, the hard part, the modern pompador, I can go on & on.

At one point pretty much 100% of by business was female driven. As the years went by I started accumulating more & more male clients. At first it was mostly adults, especially professionals trying to stay young & relevant in the workplace. But then it started getting younger & younger. For young people it probably started with the Beiber trend & went on from there. Tweens & teens started realizing for the most part - I'm not trying to be a hater - they couldn't get the more manicured styles they were looking for at the corner barber shop or the really inexpensive franchises. It wasn't that long ago that mothers had to drag their boys to get their hair cut. Now I have my female clients telling me their sons are begging to go to a "real salon" that won't mess up their hair.

For all the current men's hairstyle trends just follow the pinterest link on the home page of hairbyhal or go to

How do you feel about the mainstream acceptance of men's grooming? Which of the current trends are your favorites? Come on - I know someone has a strong opinion of the man bun!

Cheers - Hal

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