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Tuesdays are family days for me - I almost always take the trek to Washington Crossing & spend the day with my sister & her kids. I HATE it when I have to miss a Tuesday, so I was of course nervous about the possible snowstorm. But today was the perfect kind of snow in my opinion. It was a picturesque Bucks County snowfall. It was so pretty coming down & on the grass but didn't stick on the streets so we could still get around. I just had to take some pics when I arrived to find my sister & niece had created a little Valentine's Day meets Frozen inspired braid. How adorable is she?!

Catching snowflakes on her tongue - the best - oh the joys of childhood....

And the icing on the cake was when she took off her jacket & not only was her hair the perfect style for a #snowday but she had the tee to boot.

Hope you had a fun snowday - Cheers - Hal

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