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Gone are the days that you HAVE to strip out your hair just to add a little pop of color. I am LOVING tape in extensions - they take a few minutes to put in & create such an impact. My personal fave to work with are Hotheads- they can be used to do a full head of extensions for fullness or length but they also come in an array of amazing fantasy colors to add a highlight to your hair. It's a quick & much less damaging method of madness to jump in the first floor of the whole mermaid,unicorn, fantasy hair trend.

And what a better way to add some flair to your Valentine's Day weekend look?!

Above I pictured an array of Valentine's inspired tape-ins from Hotheads - from left to right - lilac, purple, red, hot pink, soft peach & lavender.

ps - I really wanted to show these but you have to forgive my photography skills - when my go to gal Brittany isn't available for some professional shots this is what we're left with - yikes.

Happy Valentine's Day - Cheers - Hal

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