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An adorable hair bow is the perfect way to top off a pony tail. Don't get me wrong - this look is one to emulate any day of the week but it's an especially cute way to dress up a pony tail on second or third day hair. Gasp - I know - I can hear all the ladies that MUST wash their hair everyday cringing. To help create this textured look on super clean hair try Kerastase V.I.P. spray to help give your hair immediate body, volume & grip. This is a favorite product of mine that I Ioooove to use on clean OR dirty hair.

How much do you loooove this tousled beach wave?! I die for it. And I have to thank Annie from Lovely Daizies for being my model - her hair is my fave.

Happy Valentine's Day - Cheers - Hal

Since this was second day hair all I had to do was spray it up with Kerastase V.I.P. Volume in Powder before pulling it into a pony & creating the bow.

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