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Everyone who knows anything about me knows I am OBSESSED with my niece & nephew. As you may have guessed, Miss Samantha was the perfect little hair model for some adorable Valentine's Day looks. This heart braid on her is killing me.

Here's another option - which is quite a bit quicker, a little easier & still really cute. It's the same heart braid pictured in the "Love is in the Hair" post - but on Miss Samantha it's braided in a half up style & in the other picture it was placed as a little accent on the side of the model's head.

Hope you're enjoying all the Valentine inspo as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend - Cheers - Hal

As you can see in the second picture my niece's wavy hair can get a smide frizzy - especially on the second day - so to smooth her out we use Living Proof PhD Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 styling treatment. It's the perfect leave in that's not too heavy. How appropriate since I love her more then perfect hair days - haha - I know - corny.

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