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As part of my job as a stylist I talk to people all day long. After all the personal stuff has been discussed & we're all good & caught up, a favorite topic for me is asking for tv, movie & book recommendations. I love to hear what people are into whether it's my thing or not. More often than not people don't get super passionate about what they're reading or watching. But every once in a while a client who I really trust will tell me about something I "HAVE" to read. I honestly have had so little time lately that I downloaded her suggestion on Audible instead so I could listen to it in the car. Which I've already done twice! It's my newest obession - a little gem titled "Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Let me start by saying I know I am NOT a book critic, nor am I claiming to be one. I don't know how to write a review & am certainly no expert on writing. I also kind of thought well, what's the point of sharing? Most will assume this book is only for people working in a creative industry. Not true. Gilbert states you don't need a degree or to be a fine artist to appreciate this book. It's for every person & whatever they're passionate about.

It's about "living a life driven more strongly by curiosity then by fear." Gilbert helps you tap into your creativity & helps you to find your inspiration - how to harness it & work with it. She explains how important it is to make time to be creative & deals with all the excuses people have for not putting themselves out their - most noteably fear. I think this is the section that motivated & inspired me the most. What are people going to say, what will they think, what if it's not perfect? Blah, blah, blah. Haters gonna hate.... we still have to do what makes us happy - right?!

One story in particular resonated with me & I know I'm going to do an awful job recapping it. But I'll try anyway. Gilbert had a friend in her 50's who wanted to do figure skating her whole life but it really never worked out. Even at her age, despite all the things people had to say about it, she started taking lessons a few mornings a week at 5 a.m. She loved it & started improving little by little & stuck with it. She became stronger & stronger & really started to look good doing it. I know what you're waiting for because so was I. She went on to win competitions, was interviewed by Oprah & became an inspiration to thousands of women her age.... NOT. For some reason we think every story has to have this kind of an ending. But it doesn't. The happy ending in this situation simply is she found creativity & inspiration in her life. She found & did something she truly enjoyed despite her initial fear or the confused haters out there. And that's freaking awesome!

I think I was aware of a lot of what was in the book from working in the hair industry for so long but didn't really "know" it. Not only was this book & it's contents confirming & validating but it also inspired me to try other things & keep pushing - despite the outcome.

LIke I said - as you can tell - I'm no literary critic. But I am a stylist, a reader, a blogger, an artist, a designer & that's ok to say - whatever anyone wants to say about it is their ish.

So if you're bored or need some inspiration pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay like me & order your copy!

Cheers - Hal

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