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Before there's any major misunderstanding let me start by saying I love when clients bring pictures. It helps in so many ways. Often what one person thinks is bright or ashy, etc., can be way off from what the other person thinks. It starts a conversation & helps both parties get a clear & realistic understanding of what the end result should look like.

What I HATE is when someone wants to look exactly like the cut out from the magazine. You never will! You will NEVER look exactly like the "picture." Nor should you. You're not Jennifer Aniston. You're not Kim Kardashian. You're you & that's OK. The picture should be an inspiration. Your haircut & color should be personal to you. No two people's hair will do or look exactly the same. Your look should be created to suit your face shape & hair type - as well as your image, profession, & personality just to name a few.

Before you get so caught up in how close the end result looks to the picture - ask & trust your stylist. Will the look accentuate your features & make you look your best? That's what really matters! If you have a good stylist they'll tell you the truth. If you don't like that answer & you look for a stylist that will guarantee you look exactly like the picture you'll be sorely disappointed because no one can make someone look exactly like someone else & that's essentially what you're asking your stylist to do. I know the phrase is corny but it's so true - "I'm a beautician - not a magician." A good professional won't make that kind of promise. What they will do is help you figure out what your hair will & won't do & help you get a look that's in the same style as your picture - not a carbon copy.

Before you think as a guy I can't relate - unfortunately this just happened to me. I recently became enamored with a picture of Derek Hough - my main man from Dancing with the Stars - wearing a man braid. Well of course I wanted it too - I HAD to have it. I had his Instagram pic pulled up & sat in the back room as my coworker braided my hair. I was sure I would love it. When it was done I was disappointed it didn't look like his. Well guess what - it did. A braids a braid - the difference is I'm not him.

@derekhough instagram

Once I dealt with it & got over myself I decided to leave the braid in & sleep on it for yoga the next morning. Well guess what - everyone loved it & it kept my sweaty hair out of my face, Believe it or not, it actually changed my yoga practice & I will never again spend time in class pushing my hair back every 10 seconds & losing focus. This never would have happened if I kept obsessing over Derek's pic & took the braid out.

Have you guys ever fallen into this trap? Let me know here or over on social media.

Cheers - Hal

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