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OK - so you've had a kid or 2, have little or no time to yourself & think maybe you're ready to let go of your long locks.

But - gasp - God forbid - you don't want to venture into "mom hair" territory! This has become a verrrry commonly asked question to me lately - "Do I have mom hair?" Or "Do I look like a soccer mom?" I mean there's even a hashtag for it - #momhairdon'tcare.

But what exactly is "mom hair" anyway?! You're a mom & you have hair so don't you already have "mom hair" by definition?! So is it the messy pony tail or the tangled, never washed top knot? Or is it the postpartum hair chop so many women do when they've become overwhelmed with motherhood like the SNL skit above suggests? My sister for instance wears her hair up so much that when it is down & styled her kids ask her where she's going & which babysitter is coming over!

The "mom hair" topic seems to be reaching a crescendo lately with the rise in popularity of bobs, long bobs, & all sorts of short, choppy dos'. But they have to be done right - you want something easy - not ugly. But how do you ensure that?!

For starters, visit a trained professional who can give you a modern, shorter cut - think less helmet head local news anchor more Jennifer Lawrence. In other words go somewhere legit. Second - ask your stylist to teach you how to style it & what products to use - even the best cut can be styled mommish.

Last but not least - we all understand you don't want to look like you drive a mini van but the difference between "soccer mom" & "cool mom" can be a fine line. Think Regina George's mom in "Mean Girls." No one wants to hang with someone so desperate.

Moral of the story - do what's right for you. But wether it's kept long or cut short make sure you go to a professional you trust that will make it look right on you.

Here's one of my more favorite recent "mom hair" cuts done right. She looks sophisticated & edgy - like she's embracing the "lob effect" - not like she's throwing in the towel & giving up.

Cheers - Hal

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