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Johnny Ramirez - in case you don't know - is someone you should def be following on ig if you're not already. His trademarked lived-in hair color images are truly inspirational. I cannot tell you - whether they realize it or not - just how many people pin or screen shot his work to show their stylist how they want - how they "NEED" - their color to look.

Depending on their starting color - more often then not - I inform my clients they won't achieve these looks in only one visit. WHAT?! WHY?! NO! We'll get into that later. I let them know they'll be close but this lived-in color look takes multiple highlights & lightenings - with some natural regrowth & sun & environmental factors to help lock in the lived-in look. Whomp whomp. Obviously there's a level of disappointment there when the brunette client realizes they won't be leaving that day with platinum blonde hair.

But then they go home & see on E! or some social media site or blog that the latest "it girl" did it in one day. In one afternoon for that matter. What?! Is there a small army working on her head?! Well as it turns out - YES! For many there is. And in the case of Johnny Ramirez his spring color transformation books for 9 hours! Yes - 9 hours!!!!

A recent People magazine feature describes the experience for one lucky writer. Her before & after is beautiful - as is all of his work. But what most don't realize is that it can take an entire day to achieve. And they don't even begin to discuss the cost.

I absolutely loved this article & it gave me a certain level of vindication. As a stylist I'm often asked to do in one hour or less what a whole team of people do over an entire day.

Bottom line - for the average client these looks will probably take more then one visit to achieve. If that's not acceptable to you I understand. I'm not saying it can't be done - Lord knows I love a challenge in my quest to bring beauty to the 'burbs. But be forewarned there will be extra costs involved due to the fact your stylist won't be seeing any other clients that day.

One more piece of advice - schedule a consultation to discuss these things! Or at least be clear & let the receptionist know what it is you're trying to achieve on your visit so there's enough time. If you think you're getting a 9 hour spring color transformation in the half hour that my basic single process colors book for - with an apprentice to boot - you're def going to leave feeling a little defeated. And then I'll feel bad you're leaving disappointed & then I'll most likely take it out on someone else & the cycle will go on & on & then everyone will be feeling bad. And then we'll all need extra cocktails that night - thus ruining the calorie cutting I know we're all doing for summer! Not good.

So take all this into consideration before you book your big transformation appointment.

Cheers - Hal

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