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When I was throwing around ideas for the perfect summer holiday weekend blog post - wow that was a lot of words - I was thinking about how women often wear their hair in the summer - and the ponytail instantly came to mind. What do you do when you're hot & uncomfortable - your hair is frizzing in the humidity & sticking to the back of your neck? Uh - hello - put it in a ponytail!

We all see those beachy wave images of long, flowing, salty, summer hair on pinterest & instagram. I love them as much as you do - but what do you do when your hair is poker straight instead? And you don't have a ton of natural hair or a full head of extensions like some of these women do.

It just so happens that I know two beautiful ladies who fall into this category - and lucky for me they're my sisters. These beautiful ladies aren't ones to hide inside sitting in front of the air conditioner. So one sunny afternoon when we were lounging by the pool I kindly asked - more like threatened & forced - them to let me experiment with some summer ponytails.

What I came up with were 6 super cute & easy ponytails to help you stay looking cool & pulled together this summer that you can achieve with nothing but clear bands & a wet brush.

Hope you like our summer pony inspo as much as my sisters & I did. Have a great holiday weekend full of food, fun & sun. Oh & some drinks of course...

Cheers - Hal

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