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As I shared recently I'm pretty cautious when someone wants to chop all their hair off. It requires a little chat - a heart to heart if you will - just to make sure they're really ready for a change. That they're actually going for a trendy new cut - not having a nervous breakdown or making some spur of the moment decision they'll regret. It could take years to grow back out & I don't need anyone cursing me out for that long!

So when my friend came to me & informed me she decided it was time for a change & I came to the realization she wasn't going to stab me with my sheers after her hair was gone - we went for it. And the results were great - if I must say so myself.

But as usual - I had my own agenda - a lil plan of my own. The timing could not have been better. As it happens I just started my collaboration with Lovely Daizies. What a perfect way to show you can have the best of both worlds. You can have your cake & eat it too - & in our case wash it down with Chardonnay! And the best news yet is you can go to Lovely Daizies & use promo code hairbyhal to get $10 off your set!

(before - natural hair length / after - Lovely Daizies clipped into her trendy bob)

We went with the 160 gram medium weight Lovely Daizies in Pocahontas - yes the color shades of Lovely Daizies have indeed been inspired by Disney princesses - duh. They're a soft black color & we darkened her natural hair a smidge - yes - that's a technical term - for fall & to get a perfect match. They all come 20" long & can be worn the length they come or custom cut to the length you want. If this is all Greek to you no worries - clip-in extensions 101 coming your way soon. I swear.

So now my gorgeous friend has a ton of options. Short & edgy or long & Kardashian inspired. I went from questioning whether I should cut her hair to questioning whether to clip in or not?! Long or short? Straight or wavy? Whether she's producing photo shoots, driving her kids around, or going for a night out she has a look for every event!

Which is your fave?!

Cheers - Hal

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