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What am I obsessed with right now?! Well Halloween's almost upon us & these H&M skeleton hand hair accessories are an absolutely booooootiful way to look chic & spooky this Halloween.

These metal clips are perfectly secure & stay exactly where you put them without ripping your hair out. And the best part - not only are they cute & ghoulish but they're only $5.99! I had a ton of time to play around with them & clipped them on so many people's heads to find some looks I loved & every time they stayed where I put them but came out so easy. And best of all they looked festive & cute on pretty much everyone!

Everyone who knows me knows I love to be festive. From Halloween straight through Valentine's Day I just move right from one holiday planning & decorating to another. And I like to look festive too - without being corny or over the top - no Halloween graphic tees over here. These clips are the perfect way to just sass up your look around Halloween without having to drive yourself crazy or looking totally out dated.

Stay safe & have a spooktacular Halloween!

Cheers - Hal

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