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Well obviously boys can do balayage - but guess what - they can get it too.

I used to lighten my whole natural base but kind of got sick of it. Maybe it was the maintenance, maybe it was just time to change up my look - I'm not really sure. One thing I do know is the closer & closer I got to my natural color & the less my hair was exposed to the sun, sand & salt water it craves so much the more I HATED my hair.

I would work out in the morning, wash my hair & wouldn't even be half way through my day & my hair looked sooooo oily & thin. And forget about trying to get any body or grip in it.

But - to my surprise - I was kind of liking a more natural & rooted look - even the salt & pepper I was sorta digging. Who knew?! It seemed like a little balayage on the top could be the answer. But do boys do balayage? Why the hell not?!

Usually I would bum out when a client would cancel a long appointment - but to my surprise I was ecstatic one day last week when I had a cancellation & lucky for me a coworker also happened to be free. The hair gods had aligned in my favor. So we hand painted a few highlights across the top - giving me the sun kissed look I was desperately missing. And guess what - my hair's no longer greasy, flat & lifeless.


Lets be honest - thank goodness I love it because my hair won't see another colorist until after the holiday rush. Yikes.

Cheers - Hal

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