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Are you addicted to beauty? Do you feel the need to look perfect all the time?! It used to be just celebrities who were constantly scrutinized. But now almost everyone has some version of a public image - whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the most superficial of all, Tinder. And this is all being viewed on a daily or sometimes hourly basis. It can - at least for me - become too much.

The anonymity of the internet makes it so easy for internet trolls & blatantly ignorant people to tear others down. In my opinion celebrities - especially reality stars - feel the need to look perfect all the time. And then it trickles down to us - the regular people - the general population. And we feel the need to always look as good as we possibly can too.

It's becoming increasingly challenging for me - and many of my makeup artist colleagues - to make people look "great" for a special event. How are we to up the ante - glamorize it to the next level if you will - if you're already going on full blast every day. I mean by the time we're done taking it to the next level you may end up looking like a drag queen.

If you're already wearing the longest eyelash extensions they sell every day of the week - what are you to do when you are going somewhere special & you want your eyes to pop? Your lashes will be hitting your hairline - and unless you're Teresa Giudice & have no forehead than this is not OK.

Obviously I have no right to judge or sit on a soapbox. I often fall into this category. In the summer I spend a ton of time outdoors & get pretty tan - sunscreen or not. Does that stop me from getting spray tans for special events? Of course not - it's a compulsion - I have to do it. Coworkers & friends tell me I don't need one. Do I listen? Often not & before you know it I'm trying to scrub some off because I look like an oompa loompa.

PS I'm not saying we should look like crap or just throw in the towel. I'm just thinking maybe we don't need to look like we're going on the red carpet on a Wednesday morning.

So what's the answer? Who knows. I think we all just need to calm down.

Put down your magnifying mirror & take two steps back. You'll look a lot better. That way when you do want to look special you can - because you're not already looking that way every single day of the week.

Just my opinion.

Cheers - Hal

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