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Where do I even begin?!

Do you have a nasty grown out balayage? A few grays here & there but not really ready to commit to color? Some old highlights that are brassy & washed out? Is your hair looking dry & frizzy? Do you have very little time & money but still want a little change? Is your color mousy, boring or flat? What if I told you the same simple process could solve alllllll of these issues?!?! Well there is one that could!


A glaze is a quick & inexpensive treatment often done right at the shampoo bowl. It's a semi or demi - permanent color that can deposit a tone - or can simply be clear - into the hair strand. So you can add a little shine or shift in color without making any crazy or costly changes to your hair color.

Glazes have no bleach or ammonia so cannot lighten hair & can actually leave hair more conditioned & shiny then before. It's like a miracle treatment.

And by the way - a quick glaze can make your skin look less dull & your eyes pop - which is especially good for the winter months we're beginning to enter. For any of you who have ever experimented with blonde or know someone who struggles with lightening their hair & still looking shiny & radiant a glaze can definitely help - proven by my hair model above.

Any questions about the miracle service called a glaze just hit me up here or over on social media.

Cheers - Hal

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