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Happy Holidays!!!!

Do you believe in resolutions? I honestly am really not one for New Year's resolutions - as they say no one likes a skinny, sober bitch anyway... they're no fun! As if that would ever be a possibility for me anyway - who are we trying to kid here?!

But I would honestly like to be more organized in 2017 - especially when it comes to blog posts. Things can really get away from me no matter how hard I seem to try - especially during exceptionally crazy times like the holidays - where I'm sure even the most OCD Martha Stewart types can manage to blunder & drop the ball at least once in a while.

So I thought i would start by getting a great daily planner. I - if I must say so myself - am a master at online shopping. I scoured the internet & quite honestly fell in love with Paper Source's assortment of daily planners .

When I saw this Paper Source planner I nearly flipped out! Not only does it perfectly coordinate with my Hair by Hal fave colors but I was able to personalize it with by brand name! How inspirational is that?! It can be a reminder to me throughout the year of the purpose of the planner - not only to keep my personal life together but to make sure I'm keeping up with my professional obligations at Hair by Hal.

Who am I kidding?! When I'm messing around with my planner at night it looks more like this -

Unfortunately the customized ones are sold out until May but you can still check out the rest of their amazing assortment - they honestly are the prettiest ones on the internet & perfectly fall into place with my lifestyle & other style choices.

Now that you know my resolution - not to get skinny or never have another drink - but to post more regularly & be organized about it maybe I can hold myself more accountable to it?

What's your New Year's resolution? Let me know here or over on social media.

Cheers - Hal

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