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Hey y'all! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I was on a small social hiatus just hibernating & trying to get it together the first few weeks of the year! You know - reign it back in a little. But this weekend I officially came out & also did my first instagram takeover for the PHL Bloggers community. It was so much fun sharing my weekend with everyone.

But to be quite honest it was also kind of nerve wracking! Putting yourself out there & possibly hearing maybe you're not so fun or interesting after all?! Or that you look awful! Yikes. But the more I rationalized & talked myself off the ledge I came to the conclusion that it's cool - whatever it is I have to share is good enough as long as I'm being myself - so here it goes.

As usual I'm spending my Saturday at Jolie Salon & Day Spa. I feel so lucky & blessed to have a career I love so much! You know what they saw - it's a beautiful thing when a career & a passion come together. PS this is the "after" of a Brazilian Blowout treatment - why do I always forget to take the "before"?!

werk werk werk werk werk - Clients all morning followed up by some party hair prep & hopefully a little time to glam myself up a bit!

Jolie knows how to put together an event - and let me tell you hairstylists know how to party! We had an enormously fun holiday party that did not disappoint! Here's a pic from Daniel Jeffrey Studios. I'm anxiously awaiting more pics!!!! I'll be sure to share - so long as we have some mild ones!

Happy Sunday! This is what 8 a.m. looks like at Sol Yoga after a night out! When we began flowing I wasn't quite sure things were going to go so well - but I ended up being so happy I got myself there & sweated & twisted out the crazy.

And then this happened - it's all about balance right?! If you haven't been to Harp & Crown in Philadelphia then you're missing out!!!!! Go! Now!

Trying to stay organized & stick to those New Year's resolutions we discussed. Had to squeeze in some Valentine's Day blog prep & of course some more Chardonnay!

Last but not least I ended the day looking over some fun party pics - this crew never met a photo booth we didn't hop in!

It's been a long & amazzzzzzzing weekend! Thank you so much PHL Bloggers for this fun experience! How did y'all spend your weekend?

Cheers - Hal

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