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You can't escape it - especially in my industry - but it's everywhere you look - magazines, reality television, even politics for heaven's sake - our obsession with beauty. Or I should say our unrelenting attempt to outwardly look perfect. Achieving this idea of "perfection."

I know a lot of people who are into the way they look - including myself. Obviously I'm not immune to it all - and that's OK. We all want to look our best & make the most kick ass impression we can.

But what else do you have to offer?! It's not enough, it's not all there is anymore. Lets face it - everyone looks good & takes care of themselves. So in other words looking good on the outside is no longer enough - as if it ever was.

Some people might not like this reality check but chances are - if you're reading this - you are never going to be the best looking person in a room - instead you'll most likely be a good looking, or even really good looking individual -in a sea of other good looking people.

What differentiates you? How about a wonderful personality or some charisma? Outstanding character or obvious class & intelligence? How about knowing how to hustle & kicking ass at your profession? How about kindness & generosity? Inclusion? Humor? The list goes on & on.

These are the things that truly matter - the attributes that make us truly beautiful. In my book, a person who is beautiful on the inside is more beautiful then a "perfect" person that has nothing else to offer.

Food for thought. What are yours?

Cheers - Hal

*disclaimer - I'm not saying we shouldn't be trying to look great - sweet Jesus I'll be putting myself out of business lol - I'm just saying why don't we try to develop these other parts of our inner beauty as well.

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