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Some think of Valentine's Day as Singles Awareness Day - but not me.... NO WAY!

For some reason society makes us veer towards romantic rather then platonic love. Don't get me wrong - romance is great & if you have a lover on Valentine's Day good for you. But if you don't that's ok too. In Latin American cultures people celebrate Dia Del Amor y la Amistad - Day of Love & Friendship. For them it's not only a day for romance. And I think they have it right!

I am in my late 30s & I still do a ton for Valentine's Day. I send my family cards, I buy my niece & nephew gifts (please, give me any reason to shop), make treats, do crafts with the kids, wear a splash of red, go out for a drink (who am I kidding - drinks) & the list goes on & on. And for the record I would do these things wether I was in a relationship or not.

Is it a gay thing or just a matter of me loving to be festive?! Things get boring when every single day it's the same thing. Please, give me a reason to be festive & celebrate & I'll take it. And I feel no shame in it.

If you're having a romantic Valentine's Day that's great - but if you aren't do NOT feel funny about it. Screw that. It's not only a time to show affection for lovers but also for friends & relatives.

So go out there & have fun! I do NOT want to hear about you blasting Adele & sobbing into your wine glass - don't get me wrong there should be wine - & lots of it - but only in a good & festive way! Buy someone a gift or flowers - or better yet go "treat yo self." Light a candle & watch "A Charlie Brown Valentine" or some cheesy Hallmark love movie, color a picture, get your hair blown out for heaven's sake! I don't know just do something to celebrate the Holiday.

What are you doing to celebrate Valentine's Day? Whatever it is I'm sure it's with great hair - and in my case lots of champagne!

Cheers - Hal

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