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Happy Valentine's Day! You already know that I don't buy into that whole Singles Awareness Day aspect of Valentine's Day - forget that! I think it's a reason for anyone to celebrate! Why the heck not?! And celebrate we did! I spent my day Sunday having a little Sunday Funday hanging with my sisters & a group of friends at my house for apps, cocktails & lots of laughs.

But lets be honest the main event was the cocktails! Surpise, surprise. We had a blast taste testing & partnering up different brands of Prosecco & Champagne with our Bai Bubbles & fresh fruit garnishes. Bai - Botanical Antioxidant Infusion - Bubbles is only 5 calories & 1 gram of sugar with no artificial sweeteners - so you'll be saving some calories while adding a punch of flavor to your cocktail.

My personal favorite was Prosecco with some splashes of Gimbi Pink Grapefruit - super refreshing & the perfect shade of V-Day pink!

I personally had a blast getting down with all these drinks & snacks! How are you all spending your Valentine's Day?!

Cheers - Hal

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