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When I heard my work wife Andrea was getting married I was super excited for her - but lets be honest I immediately - I mean within minutes - started taking over plans when it came to her hair! Like any overbearing stylist bff would do - right?

We've worked right next to each other for over a decade for heaven's sake! She trained me when I arrived at Jolie. So knowing me for as long as she has it came as no real surprise she had to learn of my visions by overhearing me enthusiastically notifying one of our good clients how she would be wearing her bridal 'do! She also wasn't overly shocked when I held my palm out for a credit card - uh hello - there was no way we were achieving the look without Hot Head Hair Extensions. You can see the Hot Heads before & after pics here.

But she was a good sport & got right on board! We tried several different looks - which you can check out here - including a fishtail braid & a more traditional updo but we just kept going back to our original concept. This sleek over the shoulder vintage curl came out absolutely beautiful - don't you think?

And I just have to share the glam squad's before & after too. It isn't often that one of our own gets married & we have to pull ourselves together too! But we clean ourselves up pretty good - and of course we had a blast after a long days work. If you can even call it that. The wedding was absolutely beautiful - every single aspect! And I couldn't have been more thrilled for such a great friend.

How do y'all like Miss Andrea's wedding look? I looooove it!

Oh - and one last question - can I still call Andrea my work wife now that she's one lucky man's actual wife?! Just wondering the protocol....

Cheers - Hal

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