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As promised March is all about the gym hair. The struggle is real trying to get our bodies on point for summer but still look together doing it.

We're starting off easy with this oversized, textured bun perfect for a barre workout. What says barre more then a bun?! No one wants to look like a uptight bunhead but with this top knot you'll be looking more cool then conservative. And it's the perfect style to leave in & rock the rest of the day.

I'm not going to lie - I have NEVER tried barre - but I'm pretty sure I can't handle it - even though Lord knows this booty could use a little minimizing. All those small range movements over & over again might be enough to make me crazy & have my legs burning.

What's your favorite workout & how do you wear your hair doing it?

Be a knockout while you workout - Cheers -


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