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OK, OK - I know I'm not the wittiest person here but I really am trying to come up with clever titles for all of these gym looks to keep it fresh & interesting - give me a break!

Spinning is my fave option for cardio - ever since plantar fasciitis & standing at the salon all day has wreaked havoc on my feet & I gave up on running. And I know what some of you nay sayers are thinking - you can't burn enough calories at a spin class. Well let me tell you - if you're going to the right instructor - you'll feel the burn!

Heading off to spin class - this look will ensure all the hair stays off your face while adding some interest to your basic pony. This is a great look if you have bangs too. And remember - wrapping some hair around your pony tail holder is always an option to finish off the look.

I'm loving this faux hawk ponytail - how about y'all?!

Cheers - Hal

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