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Hey everyone! March is most definitely not one of my favorite months - it's like a holding cell for me - a boring time of the year just sitting there between the holidays & spring.

But as I sit here contemplating my month & how much I hate the winter I slowly realized my March was a pretty eventful one - from work projects galore to fun outings with friends, Saint Patrick's Day shenanigans to wrapping up the final preparations for an April family trip to Disney! Good Lord I'm exhausted just from the planning - I'm not sure if there's enough chardonnay in the state of Florida to get me through that week!

I had a blast dressing up my niece & nephew in these Your Uncle/ My Hairstylist Uncle tees. As you may guess from this pic they're usually up for some fun.

I had quite a few laughs working on a spring fashion teaser for Flirt Boutique in this month's "Blue Bell's Finest." You can see more from that shoot here.

I featured Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo as the one product I CANNOT function at the gym without. I literally have NEVER had a client purchase this product & be disappointed with it - it's magic in a can - trust me. To read more about it just click here.

And last but not least - my quest to be lean for summer led me to explore gym hair & that - my blog friends - is what I featured the most this month - gym hair of all styles, lengths, textures & colors. Just click here to see them all in one place!

So there's my March in one little nutshell - how was yours?!

Cheers - Hal

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