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So it's spring formal season! Which means the salon is on FIRE every Friday & Saturday in the month of May - we're talking proms, weddings, first holy communions, black tie galas, & bar mitzvahs just to name a few. The salon feels like holiday & to be honest it's kind of exhilarating & the days just fly by!

Obviously it's not allllll rainbows & unicorns - of course every once in a while you get a nightmare of a client who makes you want to run into the street screaming, ripping your hair out - which would be a really bad representation of our work as a stylist. But for the most part I really enjoy playing a part in people's big days.

And if we're being really honest the updo trends are still looks I enjoy doing which makes the season a lot easier to get through. From braids & pony tails to half up styles & beachy, loose curls - the trend is definitely still very loose & romantic.

We're still in the full swing of the spring formal season but here are a few of my favorite looks this far.

For more bridal inspiration & info just click here & click here for more general updo inspo.

To read more about the products I couldn't have create these looks without just click on the images below!

Kerastase VIP Volume Spray

Kerastaste Laque Couture Hairspray

What is your go to formal hair style? And are you ready & willing to do it yourself or do you need a professional to pull together your look?

Have a great formal spring season & stay beautiful!

Cheers - Hal

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