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Imagine being as beautiful as this lovely lady..... and still being socially conscious enough to want to donate your hair - and get a new, fresh look in the process.

It was a bit overwhelming at first because there are quite a few organizations that take hair donations for kids & they all have different requirements. The client chose Locks of Love because they allow for 10" which was actually the perfect length to give me some hair to work with to create our look.

If you have any questions about the different requirements here are links for the charities I'm most familiar with.

So off came the ponytail. We're talking 10" here people1 And we're left with this stunning makeover.

Lets just say that spending time with this client is a pleasure for me - she's as beautiful on the inside as the out.

Have you ever donated your hair before & if so what were your experiences? Oh and what do you think of this chop for charity?!

Cheers - Hal

Here are the products we used to help create this sleek look.

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