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June was an AMAZING month! From all the craziness of work to Father's Day, Gay Pride, & my dear friend's 30th birthday! Not to mention my mother's birthday - which happens to fall on summer solstice! The first official day of summer. Lots & lots of fun - especially in the sun!

To read all about how you can donate your hair to charity & see some super cute before & after hair donation pics on this very special client just click here.

Since it is officially summer it was the perfect time to share some of my favorite summer hair care products to get you & your hair through the season unscathed.

We also reviewed my top summer hair care tips - from staying hydrated to how to keep your hair silky & healthy. Lord knows my hair personally can get wrecked in the summer months if I'm not careful with it.

Last but not least I had an amazing time celebrating my girl friend's Coachella themed 30th birthday party. To see more of the pics just click here. It really was super fun & the best party theme I've attended in a while - but I'm not gonna lie - it kind of did drive home the fact that in less then a month from then I'd be turning 40!!!!!

Hope you all had a great June too! Can't wait to share everything that goes down in July - especially my big birthday!!!!!

Cheers - Hal

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