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As far as I'm concerned life really does begin at 40... everything you do up until then is just research. A dress rehearsal of sorts.

When I was younger I thought for sure I would freak out about turning 40. I wonder why?! I guess it's because I kind of set that precedent. I did NOT like turning 30 & DID kind of freak out. I had been living with one of my sisters - who y'all know are my best friends - and she got married the same week I turned 30... and moved out... 45 minutes away! It felt like I was losing my best friend. I felt kind of untethered. I was losing my room mate & best friend, didn't feel secure in my career, was single & getting old all at the same time!!!!!

Now looking back I know how silly & insecure I was acting. I didn't lose a sister & best friend - I gained a brother & shortly after a niece & nephew - who y'all know I'm obsessed with. The loss of my room mate motivated me to become a home owner. I've become totally secure in my trade & the blog. And lord knows I wasn't getting old at all! I look back at pictures of my sister's wedding & I look like a baby!

I entered my 40th year feeling completely different. I love my profession & get positive feedback regularly. I love my home & enjoy everything about it. I love being an uncle & feel really secure in who I am. Of course I would love to lose a little weight & tweak some things but for the most part I actually like the way I look better now then when I was a little skinny minnie.

This may sound a little cocky but the truth is I have a TON to be grateful for!

I spent my birthday weekend with my sisters & some friends in New York City & had an absolute blast - from brunch at Bagatelle to Kinky Boots on Broadway to dinner at STK - it was all a blur! And check out this view of Times Square from out hotel room.

Cheers to turning 40 -


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