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Everyone knows as a hairstylist I interact with people all the live long day. I get to know so much about my client's lives & I in turn naturally chat quite a bit about myself too - I know - shocker.

But how do you get to know me without sitting in my chair? Well in between talking online about hair I try to share little stories & anecdotes about my personal life but hair is still really the main topic. So I thought this 11 Question Challenge would be fun when I was nominated by fellow fashion & lifestyle blogger Allison from The Savvy Camel. And how lucky for me this lovely lady just so happens to be a wonderful client of mine.

So how it works is Allison nominated me & 10 other bloggers to honestly & authentically answer 11 questions to get to know us more. Then I will in turn nominate 11 new blogger friends to answer 11 questions that I've come up with.

I'm approaching this in a more stream of consciousness way. Whatever pops into my head & my gut is telling me is what I'm going to put down - good, bad or ugly. So here goes nothing.


1. What song would you choose to be your life's theme song?

This is a hard one because believe it or not I'm not a huge music person. People find that kind of weird when I say it but it's true. I will tell you my favorite song of all time is "Dream a Little Dream of Me" by the Mama's & the Papa's. But that's not really a great theme song so I think I'll go with "Survivor" by Destiny's Child. Why? Because I'm a survivor... I'm not gon' give up... I'm not gon' stop... I'm gon' work harder....

2. Why did you start blogging?

Ok - this one's a lot easier. It's very simple. I started blogging because I was constantly being asked in person or through social media hair questions by clients, family, friends, friends of friends, etc. So it was kind of a no brainer to compile all this info on a blog.

3. Favorite sweet treat?

Another easy one. Hands down Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Can't stop, won't stop. It's 100% my guilty pleasure... well second only to Chardonnay.

4. If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life what would it be?

Black... duh. I ruin everything else. But I really do love shades of blue - especially turquoise & they would be really hard to completely take out of my wardrobe. When I wear turquoise it's like my hair automatically gets blonder & brighter, my skin looks tanner, my teeth look whiter - it's actually kind of magical lol.

5. Who is/are someone that you consider your biggest supporter(s) in life?

My parents. That's a no brainer - if somewhat a generic response but it's true. They are actually the most supportive people I know & I'm a really lucky guy. Gay, straight, ballerina, hairstylist, nurse - didn't matter - they love all 3 of their children no matter what - and I think that's pretty special.

6. Where is the next place you hope to travel to?

Nantucket!!!! This may seem a little boring to all you international travelers out there but I love to live the summer Cape lifestyle & have never made it there & it's a must for me to feel complete.

7. What has been your biggest challenge in blogging and how are you overcoming it?

Time! I do have a full time job, a family & a pretty intense social life. So at the end of the day there's not always time to share all the information & inspiration I want to & that can get a little frustrating. So I'm working on ways to work that in there. It was actually my New Year's Resolution & was doing pretty well until July. Things kinda went off track but I'll be back on a stricter schedule come fall.

8. If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be?

Italian. I would love to have been able to talk to my older relatives in Italian. I kind of have this romantic vision of eating & sipping wine through Tuscany. Sounds good right?!

9. Proudest accomplishment in life so far?

Sticking to my guns & doing what I knew would make me happy. It didn't seem like a necessarily smart decision for some for me to go to cosmetology school & not work what people would consider a more traditional idea of a career but I did it anyway & have never regretted it for a second!

10. What is one of the biggest leaps of faith you’ve taken in your life?

This kind of goes back to question number nine. It was a pretty big leap of faith to move from my small hometown to Philadelphia to go to cosmetology school. It was a little scary but believe me has paid off.

11. Biggest pet peeve?

When people act like they know more about hair then I do because "being a hairstylist is so easy." I know I'm not solving world peace or discovering a cure for cancer but I have spent many years honing & refining my craft both through theory & practice. I don't come into your job & tell you how to do it so let me do mine. Yikes... does that sound harsh?! Maybe this stream of consciousness thing wasn't the best idea?!


1. Priyanka from Paint the Town Chic

2. E.M. from Lark & Lace

3. Sue from Exercise to Eat

4. Cassandra from The Quirky Pineapple

5. Laury Ann from Laury Raiken

6. Turkesha from Natural Baby Dol

7. Alena from Love Everything Lovely

8. Mari from Mari on the Map

9. Caroline from Caroline Morris Photography

10. Jamie from Philly Food Adventures

11. Holly from Fueled by LOLZ

I had to add just one more - why am I always such a rule breaker?!

12. Susan from Susan Padron Stylist


1. What's your favorite guilty pleasure food?

2. Where do you get your inspiration from for your blog & instagram?

3. What goals (personally or blog related) do you have for the rest of 2017?

4. What is one song you know absolutely every word to?

5. What/where is something that makes you happiest?

6. What is your favorite hair care product?

7. How did you start blogging?

8. Favorite TV show?

9. What are you tips for time management with a hectic life & the blog?

10. What is the number one place on your bucket list?

11. What mantra do you live by?

Hope you learned a little bit more about me & you check out 11 of my blogger friends & Miss Alison who nominated me for this crazy challenge.

Cheers - Hal

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