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August is a complicated month for me! I looooove the "dog days of summer" & all that it brings - the feeling of relaxation & languishing in the sun - like you don't have a care in the world. But that's not really always the case - at least not for me. There's that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that's reminding me summer's almost over & it's almost time for fall & all that brings - most notably going back to a five day work week & the craziness the fall wedding season & the holidays brings to the salon. Sometimes the transition could be a real bitch - even though I recognize once I'm back in the saddle I actually like the routine. Kind of like the Sunday blues. Are you guys feeling me?

Anyway, in recap August in my personal life was pretty low key & relaxing - especially after the over the top July I experienced. From a work perspective we had quite a few fun collaborations over here at #hairbyhal.

Our most informative post of the month was all about the road to permanent hair color & which route is best for you - so if you're unsure about highlighting or coloring your hair & what exactly to ask for just click here.

I also participated in the 11 Question Blogger Challenge which was quite fun. I got to know more about some of my acquaintances in the blogger community & was able to share some interesting little tidbits about myself that I normally wouldn't really have a reason to talk about. I get so caught up in the crazy sometimes it was kind of enlightening & fulfilling to clear my mind & get introspective for a change - even if it was only for an hour or so... then it was right back to the crazy lol.

We did a full product review of the new Hask Biotin Thickening Collection - which infuses biotin, collagen & coffee into your shampoo - leaving each hair strand feeling fuller & more plumped up. My clients & I have been taking biotin supplements forever - so this is a no brainer to infuse it into our cleansers. To read all about it just click here.

Over on instagram I for one was ready for back to school & some adult only swim time. The kids... not so much. All kidding aside though I'm kinda conflicted... this is the first year both kids will be in school & they won't really need me as much. I know I'm just an uncle but y'all know how much I've cherished my Tuesdays with these two the last 7 years. We'll just have to see how this goes - just click here to read more about our partnership with Frito - Lays.

Last but not least I had a blast trying out the new Kenra Professional Patinum Snail Anti-Aging Collection & creating a fun look with my little muse here using the new collection. There's so much to say about this one I can't even give you the abbreviated version so just click here. From the cute braided, bohemian look we created to the snail essences for your hair to the first ever alcohol free aerosol hair spray - I'm product geeking out over here!

So there's our quick, little month in review. Hope your August was great too & cheers to an amazing September & all that a new season will bring to us!

Cheers - Hal

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