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So at this point we're really starting to get into the swing of things with this whole back to school thing & fall routine.

For the last few weeks tons of my clients have been coming into the salon with seriously faded hair color from a long summer in the sun. We're talking dark haired girls that are slightly brassy & blondes whose hair have become totally bleached out.

Time for a color update & a refresh for fall - and there's a bunch of different ways this can be accomplished.

Adding dimension to blondes with lowlights or rooting that allows you to stay blonde but brings depth & an overall healthier look to dried out hair. For brunettes come in to re-darken your faded locks or get glazes to add some warmth into your look for autumn. Or add some coppery or warm caramel balayage to your hair to give yourself the fall feels.

Partner with your stylist or someone who's great at color & skin tones to figure out which service would be best for you.

Cheers - Hal

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