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In our Back to Basics Flat Iron & Curling Iron posts we went over everything you need to know to buy the right hot tools for your hair type. And most importantly the benefit of buying slightly more expensive tools with temperature settings.

So why aren't we properly using this feature?

Not every hair type needs a maximum heat setting. Finer hair can be curled or flat ironed at half the temperature of someone with thicker & coarser hair. Even those with the coarsest of hair don't need the hottest setting to refresh second, third or even fourth day hair.

My Hair Tip Tuesday this week is what temperature settings would be best for your hair as a general rule of thumb.

To prevent fine and/or very dry & brittle hair from over processing you should def be using less heat. 350 degrees is the best bet - but for sure not over 400 degrees without running the risk of seriously frying your hair.

Thicker and/or coarser hair types can handle more heat - somewhere between 400-450 degrees. Second or third day it can be turned down more around 350-375.

Your normal/average head of hair can average around the 400 degree mark.

Again - these are just my opinions & you can also partner with your professional stylist to verify what hair texture you fall under & what temperature you should be using to keep your hair looking & feeling healthy.

Cheers - Hal

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