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Wait... you're joking me right?! It really is October 1st?!

I'm honestly never really ready for fall - as much as I do embrace autumn & the holidays once they're actually here. I'm just one of those types that likes to squeeze out every ounce of summer I can get. Imagine how crazy you can act trying to extract that last bit of overpriced face cream evading you in the corner of the tube, mocking you, laughing at your lame attempts. Well that's me trying to soak in every last leftover ray of sun & warm weather I can get.

This year though it really does seem crazy that October's really here! As I contemplate my month of September I realize just how fast it flew by & how lucky we were here in the Northeast to be able to enjoy the above average temps. I think that's what's making it so hard to believe it really is officially fall. .

But I regress. September was a month full of change. The kids went back to school & I went back to working 5 days a week - which is always quite the transition. The leaves started changing & the temps eventually did start falling. The pool closed & we said bye bye to the beach house - at least for now.

But once that was all said & done I focused on what was really important... our fall hair of course!

In September I shared my top 5 tips to transition your hair from summer to fall - to check out the tips just click here.

I started an exciting & informative - if I do must say so myself - Hair Tip Tuesdays! To read all this month's tips just click the red link. Spoiler alert - they all have to do with fall hair.

And here's the products I used most this month while getting my client's hair back in shape from the summer & fall ready. Just click any image to shop.

We also discussed how to update your color for fall here. Those bleached out strands & faded base colors simply won't do for autumn.

And last but not least I posted quite a few of my favorite fall color updates over on Instagram.

So needless to say with a change of season came quite an overload of hair info here on the blog. It was quite the busy month.

Hope yours was just as eventful.

And now that summer's truly over I can officially say...

Happy Fall Y'All!

Cheers - Hal

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