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Happy Fall y'all! It's officially redhead season... it's your time to shine!

Are you a redhead or a person who loves to update their hair color seasonally? Are you looking to go as red as the changing autumn leaves or do you prefer to keep your signature look all year long?

I personally love to do seasonal updates to my client's hair color... but it's not for me. I prefer to rock my blonde highlights no matter what the weather's doing or what season the calendar says it is. I'm up for a little color update - i.e. darkening a smidge after the summer's made it platinum - but I'm not into drastic changes. That's just me - but to each their own.

If you were indeed planning on adding some red tones to you hair for autumn here are some things to think about.

- Do NOT use box color to add the fiery tone to your fall look. A natural red hair color is one of the hardest hues to create. Unless you're looking for a really bold look make sure you partner with a good stylist to create the color that's going to work for you.

- Red, copper, strawberry... oh my! What to do?! Take into consideration your skin tone. There are all sorts of red tones - ranging from orange to violet to straight up fire engine red - and not all of these shades look right on every skin tone.

-Be sure it's what you want to do - especially if you're going from blonde to red - it's one of the hardest colors to get out of your hair - especially when going back light. So instead of going for the full monty maybe try some high or lowlights or a simple glaze.

-If you are loving your color update make sure you use a color safe shampoo to help prevent fading & keeping your color vibrant. Also wait as long as you can before shampooing your hair & try using cooler water to help close the cuticle & seal in the color.

-Protect your hair from the sun & chlorine to prevent fading.

-Put your red foot forward. Try using a deep conditioner to help keep your red looking healthy & shiny.

-Use a reviving red shampoo & conditioner to help refresh your color in between salon visits - just partner with your stylist to make sure whatever tone it's depositing will match what they've done. My current fave is Joico Color Infuse Red Shampoo.

Are you the type to majorly change your hair color seasonally or are you more of a tried & true hair color devotee?

Cheers - Hal


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