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It was a very busy month over here on the blog in October. I'm still trying to relax & catch up on some sleep - thank goodness for that extra hour of peaceful slumber we got last night from daylight savings! I've been running myself ragged!

Surpise, surprise most of our blog posts this month revolved around... you guessed it - Halloween!

We went over all sort of ways & tips to add a pop of color to your hair & make it last all night without ruining your precious locks. To read more click here.

I also shared a roundup of Halloween hair accessories to die for - to see them all just click here.

I also showed a ton of adorable ways to get your kids in the holiday spirit this year by skipping the wig & creating spooktacular hairstyles. For the complete roundup just click here. In the meantime here's one of my faves.

And y'all know I love a good seasonal hair color update... so I reviewed my top tips for adding some red to your hair color this autumn. If you were planning on adding some red tones to your hair click here.

Here's one of my fave insta pics of the month - I posted quite a bit of seasonal inspo the last few weeks. To see the rest of October's instagram just click here.

I think the rest of America was less then thrilled to have Halloween on a Tuesday this year - but I for one was thrilled the holiday fell on my day off. I visited my sister & her children of course & was treated to the full Bucks County Halloween & it did not disappoint! To see all the pics just click here.

Hope your October & Halloween were as eventful & pleasurable as mine was! And here's to hoping you have a wonderful November too! I'm so excited the holidays are just around the corner & have a ton of posts, images & inspiration coming your way!

Cheers - Hal

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