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When I first bought my house I had years worth of projects. I just went from room to room getting everything exactly the way I wanted.

It actually provided me with years of obsessing, planning & shopping.

When I was completely done I realized everything looked just perfect to me - but I actually had no comfortable area to really get down & dirty & be creative. Everything was just right & I didn't want to mess it up. I then realized the basement would provide me with the perfect place to create my work area.

But that's when I realized the basement was the last frontier. The place things went to die when they served no purpose elsewhere in my house.

I honestly can't believe I'm sharing these pics. I'm super proud of my house so me showing this space of disarray is the equivalent of someone not happy with their body being forced to post a shirtless pic. But the after pics are even better once you've seen the before.

Drumroll please...

It became the perfect place to sit down & blog, craft, wrap etc. Here's some of my wrapping from this year.

And some of the extras even showed up in my 12 Days of Holiday Hair.

It took weeks - but my basement went from a scary, anxiety inducing project to my ultimate creativity station!

What do y'all think?

Cheers - Hal

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