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It's always a hair tip for me to add something from nature or your home to your hairstyle to look a little more festive & jazz up an otherwise basic style.

I understand you don't all have a greenhouse attached to your homes. For heaven's sakes I often don't have anything non human living & surviving in my home!

For years my wrapped presents were coveted by everyone. I was actually really proud of the wrap jobs. One of my little tricks was to buy garlands & wreaths when they went on sale post holiday & save them for the following year. I would then cut off pieces I loved & disassemble them & attach them to my presents for some extra holiday flair.

Then I got to thinking - how cute would this be in hair?! They turn the most basic gift & wrap job into something much more magical - so wouldn't they do they same for a basic style - I think so! And if you're not into that store bought look take some extra sprigs from your planters or tree etc. for a more "straight from nature" look.

What do you think?

I'm looking forward to seeing your Holiday hair creations on social media.

Hope you're having a wonderful Holiday season so far!

Cheers - Hal

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