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WOW! December was a CRAZY month! My salon & personal life were in a permanent tug of war & it wasn't always pretty. It was a total whirlwind but the kind I'd do over in a heart beat. I love the hustle & bustle of the Holidays in the salon & I wouldn't want to miss a second with these little sweeties - they bring such a different level of excitement to the Holidays that I wouldn't miss for the world.

On top of being certifiably insane in the salon & balancing an intense social life - that unfortunately did NOT include the gym - I also shared a ton of content on the blog.

I shared four Hair Tip Tuesday posts:

I also went kinda crazy with Holiday Hair Gift Guides:

To see more of my basement makeover I shared - and the scary before pics - just click here. I am absolutely ECSTATIC with how it turned out & I definitely plan on sharing what it will look like the rest of the year!

I shared a cute & fun new tradition & gift set I created around it for the Holidays also To see the complete gift set & read about the bayberry tradition just click here. I burned mine for a prosperous New Year... Lord knows I can use all the help I can get.

My real labor of love on the blog this December was my 12 Looks of Holiday Hair. I honestly loved all 12 looks & got a ton of positive feedback. To check out all the looks just click here. I asked y'all to vote & compiled all the feedback from here & all of social media & your favorites was..... drumroll please....

So in a nutshell it was crazy month on a personal level & here on the blog!

Hope you all had a very Happy Holiday & a wonderful New Year!

Cheers - Hal

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