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We all know drinking the proper amount of water hydrates your body, provides you with energy & helps you lose weight. It's benefits go on & on.

I know what you're thinking... who the heck are you to talk to me about the health benefits of anything? Well maybe you're right - but one thing I can talk about professionally is hair.

So did you also know water also keeps your hair well hydrated & healthy & helps your hair grow?! So you know that dried out, staticky feel your hair has this winter? Well moisture - otherwise known as water - is one of the best ways to combat it!

And the best part.... water is free!

All the money we spend on products (which are also really necessary - don't get it twisted) & we're not even taking advantage of free & natural resources that will help us look & feel beautiful!

Are you drinking enough water or is a struggle? Lemme know here or over on social media.

Cheers - Hal

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