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Gone are the days where a simple & plain low or high ponytail is enough. These days you have to take it to the next level somehow - even if it's just by wrapping your pony in a fun ribbon. Like so....

But the latest trend seems to be the bubble pony. I am LOVING this simple take on the classic style & it really is a pony that pretty much anyone can do!

This is actually muchhhhhh easier then it appears.

Start by putting your hair in a ponytail - either high or low - either works with this style.

Place another elastic a few inches down & gently pull the hair in between the elastics to create the bubble. Again - here you can make it your own by pulling it apart more or less depending on how dramatic you want the look.

Tip - order yourself some elastics in your hair color so they can be disguised better. Here I wrapped hair around each elastic for a more finished look but again - not mandatory.

Complete the process as many times as you need to until you reach the bottom of your hair.

Last but not least mist your hair with some hairspray to keep your bubbles full so they won't collapse.

Sooooo I cannot lie - I did use a full set of clip - in hair extensions on my lovely little model here to create a more dramatic look but I honestly have styled this many times with no extra hair & I've loved it just as much.

Here's another take on the bubble pony I did on my sister a few summers ago where I used no additional hair & didn't even bother to hide the elastics & it's still a super cute look! Just had to share these to prove I can indeed function without my clip -ins! Click here to see more fun ponytail inspiration from that day.

To create the bubble pony all I honestly used was some clear elastics & some light hairspray - making it even easier.

So I am loving this trend alert - I think it's especially fun for Valentine's Day - what do y'all think?

Cheers - Hal

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