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So I'm gonna be honest here... January is my least favorite month of the entire year. It's like New Year's Day ends & I literally cannot wait for the month to fly by.

I know... not a great attitude but I'm workin on it... what can I say?!

The freezing temps & dry air are enough to make me cray cray. But then I got to thinking why give in to it & be so negative?! So instead I focused on finding ways to overcome the cold temps & dry air & the negative effects they have on us by posting solutions for all the things I hate about January... and share them with you all!

So my first big push of the year was to be educated on how to overcome these things & share them. To read my Top 10 Things to Save Your Hair this Winter just click here.

I also posted how cotton just may not be the fabric of our lives... at least when it comes to saving our hair from frizziness & dryness this winter. To understand what I'm speaking of just click here.

To read my little rant about how important drinking water is to the health of our hair for the New Year just click here.

Click here to read about how to humidify your way to beautiful hair this winter.

My first big product review of the year was of Kenra's best selling products. This line is a best seller for a reason! It never disappoints. To read all about it & see some hairstyles I created using the product line as an inspiration just click here.

Of course I started the month out on the blog with the obligatory blogger's Year in Review. Spoiler Alert - my 2017 was way better then my January... thank goodness!

And my first Trend Alert of 2018 is the bubble pony... I'm kind of obsessed with this look. My coworker described it as Princess Jasmine meets Moscow & I actually kinda get it! And the best part is this is totally a trend that anyone can accomplish themselves at home!

So to make a long story short January can try a stylist's patience. But on a lighter note I'm super excited to share all sorts of Valentine's Day inspiration & continue the countdown to Spring.

Cheers - Hal

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