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So I'm starting a new series here on the blog... with all my free time right?!

I'm constantly talking about hair & I've come to the realization all things find a way to circle back to the topic. Every road leads back to hair!

But I'm interested in so much more then just that - even if that is what I spend three quarters of my life working on. I've recently been wanting to share other aspects of my personality with you too!

I always find it interesting when other bloggers - especially ones who stay in such a small niche like I do - share little tidbits about themselves outside of just the niche we know them in.

So I thought if I shared 5 things I'm obsessed with each week & you share what you're really digging lately in the comments we can get to know each other so much better! And it will give me a small break from all things hair. So I was thinking it could be a total free for all - whatever I'm into is what I'll share... period.

So here it goes... lets see how this works out.


Ok.. so I'm realizing you may not all be into the Eagles but it's what I'm into right?! I'm def not the biggest sports fan in the world but living in the city of Philadelphia it's impossible to not get caught up in the Eagles big Super Bowl win. To me it was more than just a win - it was almost a symbol & a reminder that Goliath can be taken down once in a while & the small guy can actually come out on top. I couldn't be happier!


This deck of card set is everything right now. It's basically a deck of cards with daily affirmations & beautiful watercolors & basically just a great reminder to stay focused, be awesome & have a magical day!


Lately every time I seem to ask my spin instructor who sings a certain song it's Little Mix. Their song beats are PERFECT for cardio & the message in their songs is so empowering - "a queen is still a queen without a king" - that I often find myself in a cardio induced frenzy. Lets be honest they're kinda geared toward teen girls but their beats & lyrics always get me going!


Speaking of cardio I've been going to CYCLEBAR since the beginning of the year & I LOVE this studio. It's super clean & neat & I love the music. I even look forward to getting that email estimating how many calories I burned that day. It's actually gotten to the point that when I don't go I feel like my day is just not complete.


This popcorn is crazy! I know the flavor combination sounds weird but it's so addictive. I love anything spicy - my only complaint is that if I don't ration it out I can eat the entire bag in one day!

So that's it! That's what I'm obsessed with this week! I'm dying to hear what you're into too - so let me know in the comments!

Cheers - Hal

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