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Baking is not my strong suit. Hairstyling... definitively. Decorating... yes. Crafting... uh huh. Cooking... you got it. Baking... not so much!

So when I found out I would be having the kids the day before Valentine's Day & that day also just so happened to be Fat Tuesday I wanted to whip up some kind of treat before I put myself on lock down for Lent & summer body prep. But I wasn't down for baking so I tried to whip up a treat that didn't involve anything more then melting chocolate & assembling... or in otherwords my version of baking.

So first I started with the Oreo cake pops.

It was so easy! I literally just melted some white chocolate in the microwave & dipped a popsicle stick into the white chocolate & wedged it into the center of the Oreo. This will help adhere the cookie to the stick. Wait an hour or so for the chocolate to dry before dipping them into chocolate to ensure they won't fall apart... causing a damn mess.

Then I dipped each popsicle into one of four different color chocolate - I chose to use white, light pink, bright pink & red. Why? Because I just can't stop buying... that's why. Finally you use contrasting sprinkles to fancy them up a little.

Next I did my fave go to treat. The good ol pretzel, Hershey kiss, M&M combination - the perfect flavor pairing of salty & sweet.

So don't judge - like I said this is obviously not my forte but I gave it a shot.

What are your favorite Valentine's Day treats?

Cheers - Hal

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