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So it's Hair Tip Tuesday & and it just so happens to be Mardi Gras! And tomorrow is Valentine's Day annnnnnd Ash Wednesday - what an interesting combination! I don't recall these big events falling on the same days before but whatever.

I'm off work at the salon on Tuesdays so I'll be spending the day with the kids & celebrating Fat Tuesday & Valentine's Day all today since I'll be going back to work tomorrow. whomp whomp But for today we're going to have a blast!

Seeing the kids today gave me my inspiration for this week's Hair Tip Tuesday... dress up your child's hair for Valentine's Day! My niece always asks me for braids so I thought why the heck not do some fun Valentine's experiments on her hair to be a little festive. And you know what - everyone at the soccer field loved it!

Here are a few more Valentine's Day inspired pics I rounded up from the internet that my niece didn't have quite enough hair to do.

So this Valentine's Day take my tip & create a little hair masterpiece of your own!

Happy Valentine's Day -


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