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I can't believe it's the last week of February already! No complaints here... I can't wait for Spring's arrival.

Here's the 5 things I'm most obsessed with this week. Reminder - none of these items are sponsored!


I know - the crockpot is what ultimately killed our beloved Jack on "This is Us" but lets be real I can't spend all night in the kitchen. I can't even spend an hour in there for most of the work week until like 8:30 at night & I am not going to start cooking then. So I've adopted meal prepping & the crock pot has helped me so much. This way I can have something in there & something else in the oven... and maybe even some other thing on the stove top if I'm really trying to overachieve. And everything comes out tasting so good!


If you're a TV & pop culture junkie like me you probably know who entertainment reporter & TV journalist Michael Ausiello is. If not no worries... you only have to have a heartbeat to love this beautiful memoir about true love & loss. I actually listed to it on Audible - read by Michael himself. I cried, I laughed & then I cried a lot more.


I have found my new cardio obsession & it's the RealRyder. This bike makes your average stationary bike seem like a bore. At first I thought my 6'3" frame was gonna flip the bike but once I got my balance & realized I wasn't going anywhere I fell in love. The RealRyder feels like an actual bike & allows you to lean to either side & move the handlebars in either direction too! It's like your average spin class on crack & I'm a new addict.


I just got my personalized Leatherology oversized wallet & I love it. It's big enough to hold my checkbook, all my credit/gift cards etc. & all my tip money from the week until I get to the bank. And it all zips up just perfectly... no more finding loose tip money from the salon all over the place. Word to the wise... it's too big to just carry around or fit into your back pocket but it's just perfect for my purposes or even better for travel.


Full disclosure - I love Bath & Body Works candles. Don't get me wrong when someone gifts me an expensive high end candle I love that too. But honestly Bath & Body Works candles smell great & when those babies are on sale you can't beat it! This goal digger one was given to me & I am obsessed with the message & the citrus fragrance smells good too!

What are you obsessed with this week or what are your thoughts on mine? I'd love to know!

Cheers - Hal

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