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It's not easy to put together hairstyles for Saint Patrick's Day but I refused to give up.

The first thought that really jumped into my head was a Celtic knot. Which I tried - very unsuccessfully I might add - on a friend of mine until I realized you really needed pretty long, unlayered hair to achieve this style.

I then tried it on a coworker of mine who has really long hair & was able to achieve it in like 2 minutes. I had cracked the code.

I was proud as a peacock until one of my other coworkers notified me that this - although very pretty - was not indeed a Celtic knot! Oh me dear Lord... she was right - it looked more like an infinity loop! But I was not to be deterred - I was hellbent on getting this down.

Upon further playing around with it with my coworker I discovered where I went awry! I had missed a step!

So needless to say I have mastered the Celtic knot in case anyone out there even wants one lol.

What do you guys think of this look? Would you wear a Celtic knot in your hair for the holiday weekend?

Cheers - Hal

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