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Hi everyone! If you follow along you know by now that winter is NOT my favorite... to say the least. But despite all the bah humbuggery the winter brings out of me I still managed to have a very productive month... maybe because I spent so much time at home! So here it is - a full recap of the month at #hairbyhal.

In all this time I spent at home being introspective I was able to come up with a new series on the blog that I call "What I'm Obsessed with the Week." So far it's gone really well - it's an opportunity for me to share things I'm obsessing over & the best part is it's 100% non sponsored - so you know these are just random things I'm really feeling into at the moment! And what's been really cool is reading what you guys are into too! To see my weekly obsessions just click here.


I also began sharing on instastories a #haircut of the week which has been kinda fun. Basically these are haircuts I'm really digging but don't necessarily need to create a whole blog post around. So here are my haircuts of the week for February in case you don't follow along on instastories.

And last but not least this last one was a real makeover!

I continued my weekly hair tips & put a strong focus on how to keep our hair nice this winter & of course a huge push on Valentine's Day! To see the entire month's hair tip tuesdays just click here. I also did a quick return to my Back to Basics series to go over everythinggggg we ever needed to know about hairspray. To read that post just click here.

You know any excuse to be festive & I'll take it - no questions asked. So when there's a reason to celebrate in the dreaded winter I think I take it even more out of control than normal... what can I say?! So needless to say I did a toooooon of posts for Valentine's Day - everything from my favorite love themed hair accessories, adult & kid's styles to gift guides & even what treats I made for my niece & nephew. To see all things Valentine's Day on the blog just click here.

My biggest brand partnership of the month really focused on my BFF being my Valentine. My BFF Annie & I received Evian spray for the holiday & boy did we ever have a good laugh playing around with the spray. To see all the antics & the signature updo I created for Evian just click here.

So as you can see February was jam packed with info on the blog & I'm knee deep in the process of putting information together for March & some really fun Saint Patrick's Day celtic hairstyles so stay tuned!

Happy March!

Cheers - Hal

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