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This is another one of those little tips that just seems so common sense but at the same time something most people really haven't thought about.

If you have frizzy or out of control hair begin your blow-dry in the front to tackle that frizz before it gets too hard to handle. It'll make your job so much easier. Sometimes when we start in the back & do a lot of power drying by the time we get to our fringe it can be a real bitch to get it right.

Also if you're anything like me or my friends you don't want to wash your hair all the time & are pretty much obsessed with dry shampoo. Well sometimes that doesn't cut it with the oiliness we can accumulate in our fringe. So why not shampoo just that area in the sink & let the dry shampoo do the rest of the work for you? Sounds like a plan to me!

My favorite products these days to use as a dry shampoo, conditioner & volume spray are by Amika. Just click image to shop.

Cheers - Hal

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